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The main business of GoalRise logistics is the storage and management of goods. GoalRise Logistics warehouse are compliant with local regulations and through the fire department acceptance of the qualified warehouse. Warehouse with control of indoor temperature, humidity, pest facilities and tight closed-circuit camera monitoring system suitable for storage conditions have certain requirements of goods. Warehouse management to improve in line with the high standards of customer focus, warehousing service objectives and enterprise standards to maintain consistent, 100% strict implementation of customer QAC, SOP and GMP requirements to ensure the integration of internal and external customer SIP audit;

GoalRise Logistics has a total of nearly59,000 square meters of warehouses, including three-dimensional cross-beam shelves, flat warehouses, and thermostat warehouses and so on. Equipped with high level forklift and hydraulic platform and other advanced facilities.

GoalRise Logistics with independent intellectual property rights of the warehouse management system--GoalRise logistics integrated information management system, according to different customer demand body set up functional modules, and equipped with a bar code and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology module, easy to achieve and customer system docking. In addition to meeting the daily transceiver, IRA inventory, statements, fees and other functions, but also in accordance with the actual needs of the goods to increase the status of the product and the age of the control, to ensure that the goods qualified warehouse.