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GoalRise Logistics (China) holding Co., Ltd. has advanced technology, equipment and rich management experience, as the development of China's sophisticated logistics service providers, we provide a wide range of logistics services to meet customer demand for different supply chain, including: transportation, warehousing, factory logistics, custom services. It is the main customers for medicine, FMCG, packaging, health, beauty and other industries.

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The greatest feature of the 21st century demand is mainly embodied in many varieties, small batch, internationalization and immediacy, and the weapon to create the maximization of supply chain value will be the rapid response based on demand management. Demand management has become a necessary condition for sustained success of enterprises, with good demand forecasting and rapid response ability of the company has significantly improved the risk resistance.

Our company engaged in the production of logistics services after more than 10 years, which has accumulated a wealth of operational experience, and formed a complete set of written procedures. In the work of the factory for many years, due to strict quality control, and actively cooperate with the work of the plant to achieve the KPI targets, many times by the customer awards, and has won many prizes

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1301-1302 unit, 13/F, Citic Plaza, No. 233 Guangzhou North Tianhe Road

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