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GoalRise Logistics (China) holding Co., Ltd. has the ability to provide high-quality low-cost transportation services for large-scale production enterprises, to ensure that the finished products of large-scale production enterprises can be transported to the warehouse in time. The transportation business of GoalRise logistics adopts the integrated management platform of the transportation system of health-promotion logistics, which covers a number of business links, such as transport dispatch, tracking and cost settlement of goods, which can be connected with customer system according to different customer's demand In order to improve the company's management and operational information level, improve the company's service quality.

GoalRise logistics drivers have 3-5 years or more driving experience in goods vehicles, received the relevant cargo transport of professional training and hold a certificate, in the transport industry to win the reputation.

GoalRise Logistics all transport business in the transport operations before the control, including transportation lines, vehicles, personnel safety assessment, as well as transport operations control, determined to achieve transport safety, accurate and timely arrival, become the benchmark of domestic transport services.

In addition to the transport team, the GoalRise logistics also has a trained and qualified handling and handling team, and a qualified, overall quality, good service attitude of the delivery team, but also to provide customers with cargo storage and handling services.

GoalRise Logistics by virtue of the size of the company and larger cargo flow, it can obtain the most competitive prices at any time for customers.

With the advantage of transportation resources and transportation cost, the GoalRise logistics can meet the distribution requirement of short time and temporary occurrence.