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Company Profile

GoalRise Logistics (China) holding Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the principle of sound management, focusing on the promotion of internal management of enterprises and the integration of social advantage resources, and focus on the integration of logistics functions and logistics Network optimization to enhance service capacity, Gradually developed into a production-oriented enterprises in the international supply chain logistics provider and leading logistics suppliers of regional partners.

Our advantage
  • Robust long-term business relationships with multinational enterprise customers

  • Leading in-plant logistics services

  • High quality and flexible service

  • Extensive customer base

Business philosophy

Customer-centric, tailor-made logistics services, committed to reducing the cost of logistics links, to ensure the safety of logistics operations, improve the quality of logistics services; focus on providing a flexible, reliable and timely logistics services, with reputable customers to build relationships, in order to improve market share and promote manufacturing logistics outsourcing efforts.

Development history